Linux VM cloud-init for Nutanix Calm

Nutanix Calm does guest customization with cloud-init for Linux VMs. Most the docs discuss using keys for increased security, but for quick tests I wanted to use password auth.  To do this I modified cloud-init within the Nutanix Calm Blueprint.  This will setup the user devmin, allow SSH access, and set the password.

Taking things a step further Nutanix Calm has built in macros and I wanted to use macros instead of the static config.  Since passwd is expecting a salted hash password the macro wasn’t being passed correctly and cloud-init was failing.  I was successful working around this by using chpasswd after creating the user.  This below allows cloud-init to use the credentials set in the Nutanix Calm Blueprint.

If you are not familiar with cloud-init you can review it here

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